Benefits Of A Vegan Diet

The Benefits Of A Vegan Diet

Vegans believe in adopting a lifestyle that is free of cruelty towards animals. It is estimated that 2.5% of the U.S. population has adopted a vegan lifestyle and this trend is definitely growing. Becoming a vegan is not only about adopting a different diet, it is also a lifestyle and a philosophy.

Unlike vegetarians who only eliminate animals products from their diet, vegans eliminate animal products from their entire lifestyle. This includes not purchasing items made from leather or wool. This also includes not using cosmetics and other health products since most of these products contain animal byproducts or are tested on animals.

Individuals who decide to become vegans often make this lifestyle change for ethical reasons. However, there are several health benefits associated with their new diet. Adjusting to a vegan diet can take some time, but several studies have shown that eliminating animals products from one’s diet is good for the health.

Cancer, diabetes and heart disease are only a few of the health conditions associated with eating foods rich in animal fats and proteins. Studies have also shown that diets rich in meat increase an individual’s risks for developing arthritis and hypertension. Adopting a vegan diet significantly reduces one’s risks of developing these different health issues.
Some studies have also shown that a vegan diet boosts the immune system. This means an individual who adopted the vegan lifestyle will be far less likely to catch seasonal bugs as well as more serious health conditions. A strong immune system promotes good overall health and makes recovering from an illness less tiring for the body.

A study has also shown that eliminating all animals products from one’s diet had amazing benefits for prostate cancer patients. Men who suffered from an early stage of prostate cancer were able to stop and even reverse the progression of this cancer by adopting a vegan diet.

Adopting the vegan lifestyle is an excellent option if you need to lose weight. Carrying a few extra pounds can lead to a number of health issues, including heart disease or diabetes. Being overweight can also be unhealthy for the joints and lead to depression and a low self-esteem. Eliminating sources of animal fat and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables makes it easy to lose weight and reduces these risks of developing a number of health problems associated with being overweight.

There is a common myth about vegans not getting enough proteins in their diet. It is true that a diet with low levels of proteins can lead to some health issues, but it is possible to adopt a vegan lifestyle without suffering from a lack of proteins. Foods such as peanuts, soya and beans are very important element of a healthy vegan lifestyle due to their high content in proteins.


However, it is true that vegans offer suffer from a lack of Vitamin B12 since the human body does not absorb this vitamins very well when it comes from plant-based foods. This is why taking a Vitamin B12 supplement is highly recommend for anyone who is considering a vegan lifestyle.

There are several health benefits of going vegan and it is also a great way to make your lifestyle reflect your beliefs. You should definitely look for more information on veganism if you are considering making this switch!

Many People Becoming Vegan

Why Are So Many People Becoming Vegan?

Humanity is a species that has trends, and those trends often lead to massive social changes and massive social structures. The trend of property ownership became feudal government, the trend of serfs doing more and more of the work led to the eventual revolution that brought about the Magna Carta, the list goes on and on.

Yet even though this is obviously the case, that doesn’t stop people from trying to dismiss the latest trend. There’s some logic to that. So many new trends get started that it’s hard to know what’s going to stick around and what’s going to be gone within a few years. So when a new trend pops up, it’s easy to get the idea that it might not last. However, that’s not true of every trend. One of the current more popular social trends is people becoming vegan.

What is vegan? Vegan is a diet choice that involves eating no animal products at all. This is not the same thing as being a vegetarian, though the two are often mistaken for each other. In vegetarianism, there are some animal products that can be eaten. Specifically, many vegetarians will still eat eggs and dairy products. Since those animal products don’t involve killing an animal, they consider it acceptable.

Vegans, by contrast, do not eat any animal products. This means they don’t eat eggs, cheese, or anything else that involves using an animal. It’s a rather strict diet, and many people find it incredibly difficult to follow. So much so that much of the public ridicule and scorn likely comes from a fearful reaction.

Given the difficulty of a vegan diet, why are so many people becoming vegan? There are several answers to that. The most popular reason is treatment of animals. In the United States, major corporations own and run farms. This means that they tend to treat animals like product instead of like living creatures. This results in all manner of horrific treatment, such as the cutting off of chicken’s beaks or the locking up of cows into tight pens so they can’t get out. Many people who choose the vegan lifestyle do so because they simply can’t accept being a part of that system.

Others are not concerned with animals one way or another, but find that a vegan diet is particularly healthy for them. It’s true that a vegan diet can often be quite healthy. It’s heavily reliant on fruits and vegetables, and that can result in an incredibly healthy, vitamin rich diet. This is enough for many people, even if they don’t have any concern for animals one way or another.

Whatever the reason, one thing is certain. Vegans are here to stay. Vegan diets aren’t just a passing fad. Being vegan is a lifestyle choice that is proven to be possible. Millions of people world wide have chosen to be vegan, and no doubt millions more will do so during the coming years. Who knows, maybe they’ll even be able to change the way agribusiness works!

Difference Of Vegan Vs Vegetarian

The Difference Of Vegan Vs Vegetarian

When it comes to dietary choices, there are a number of options. There are things such as the Atkins diet, which encourages the cutting of carbohydrates and a focus on meat and other proteins. There’s the Paleo diet, which is supposedly based on what human ancestors back in the paleolithic era would eat.

Then there are diets such as a vegan diet, or a vegetarian diet. On paper, the two sound quite similar. They both involve eating plants and not animals. Because of this fact, many people are uncertain of what the difference actually is between the two. It doesn’t help that some people who become vegans are almost religious about it, to the point where they angrily proselytize to anyone who isn’t vegan. This can lead to many people deciding that they don’t even care what the difference is.

Still, knowing the difference of vegan vs vegetarian can be helpful for a number of reasons. For example, if you have a friend or a loved one who is a vegan or a vegetarian, it will be easier for you to know which is which. If you make a vegetarian dish, it might not be appropriate for someone who’s a vegan.

So what is the difference between the two? It comes down to a matter of how much use of animals is appropriate. Many vegetarians are what’s referred to as lacto-ovo vegetarians. This means that they will eat dairy products and eggs, but they won’t eat other animal based products. Essentially, the idea is that as long as the animal product can be harvested without harm to the animal, then it’s acceptable. Some even go a step further and are willing to eat fish or chicken, but most people do not consider that vegetarian. There are also some vegetarians who will eat eggs but not dairy, or dairy but not eggs. However, if they’re willing to use animal products, then they’re a vegetarian.

By contrast, vegans don’t eat any animal products at all. There are a few different reasons for this. The main one is that they don’t feel like animal products can be harvested without harm to the animal. Even though eggs could theoretically be harvested without harm to the animal, the way agribusiness works in the United States doesn’t actually allow that. Chickens are often kept in horrible conditions, and treated horribly, in order to produce enough eggs to actually keep business running. Similar with cows and dairy products. So vegans decide not to eat anything that contains an animal product at all.

So if you’re ever wondering what the difference of vegan vs vegetarian is, you can simply keep in mind that it’s a difference between how many animal products are okay to eat. Vegetarians will generally eat animal products that don’t cause any harm to the animals, where as vegans won’t eat any animal products at all. So if you ever have to provide a vegan or a vegetarian dish, now you know what you need to plan for. A great vegan snack is vegan¬†biscuits. They taste great and are ultra healthy¬†